R-Kiosk |6th Koolikombo for free!

ISIC, ITIC, and IYTC card owners can buy Koolikombo meal at R-kiosk for 2.5 euros when showing your card (Buying the products separately, the price would be between 3.1 and 3.6 euros). Koolikombo meal consists of a hot dog of your choice and a bottle of R-Limonaad 0.5 L or R-vesi 0.5 L. Ask a sticker-collection card from the cashier and then you can start colleting stickers, that you can exchange for a free meal.
  1. Buy a Koolikombo
  2. Collect a stciker with every purchase of Koolikombo
  3. Get your 6th Koolikombo meal for free.